Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Vanishing act...

I'm sorry, I haven't vanished again I promise. I just thought I'd quickly stop by and tell you where I'm at...

I have missed two weigh-ins the last two weeks, I haven't wanted to weigh in because I know I'm making bad choices again and binging. Also because I don't feel like I have the energy to think about nutrition, because it really does take up a lot of time and energy. This isn't just me feeling lazy (although it is a part of it) but some things happening in my life at the moment are just draining me mentally and physically.

First up, my little boy is starting school tomorrow, and it's overtaking my life! First there was buying the school uniform, shoes, book bags, PE kits, getting his hair cut, and then he suddenly outgrew all his underwear overnight too. There's been the school dinner debate, making sure he'll drink water during the day at school, labelling everything down to the last sock, and on top of everything he's bouncing off the walls because he's so excited. Exhausting.

Then, my sister in law had a baby three weeks ago. They knew very early on in the pregnancy that she had a hole in her heart but that it was a small one and would be fixable with surgery when she was about a year old. But once she was born they discovered it was two holes not one, and since then she has developed a leaky valve too. So, in short, she is very very poorly at the moment, so much so that we are going to visit at the weekend and it might be to say hello and goodbye at the same time :( It's breaking my heart and it's all I can think about, when I'm not rushed off my feet with my own two pickles.

Mr FGS's job is not going terribly well at the moment either, so on top of all that we are struggling with money. So when I am hungry instead of reaching for the fruit bowl, I'll pick something cheaper and more filling (usually bread, not exactly the best thing to have) and save the fruit for the kids. And theor are other things that are just making me a bit sad and down, that I don't want to talk about here, but it is all contributing to a downward spiral.

So like I said, food wise the best choices aren't being made and I'm suffering for it. Feeling bloated and no energy. Ollie starts school tomorrow, so I'm hoping to have more time to cook and exercise, and just clear my head. I'm not giving up, just shifting it to the back burner for a day or two. So don't panic if I don't update for a while!

I hope you're all well! If you're that way inclined a little prayer or thought for my niece would really be welcomed. Thank you.



  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister in law's (and brother's I presume) baby. That's awful. Hope the little one is OK.

    Stress can be a big factor in not eating right and money definately money. Eating healthier can cost so much more. Which is ridicolous. A bunch of apples should not cost more than a frozen pizza but it often does. Supermarkets need to make healthier food cheaper then more people might buy it.

    If you need anyone to talk to for advice or for venting them just drop me a message. I think I have you on Facebook.

  2. I think there's something in the air right now. My sister is bipolar and stuck in a serious funk. I'm also in a lull and can't control my appetite. I'm really carb loading and want to eat junk food right now. It's made getting on that scale really hard. Like I said though; I think it's something in the air.
    You're certainly not alone, but we can get over this. It's never a permanent setback. This'll pass.

  3. Hi Helen - just to say there's a group of us in the office doing Slimming World - we started at the end of June - and we've really enjoyed your blog this summer (and not just because you put up a picture of our fresh&naked salad packs a few posts ago!). So sorry to hear you're all having such a difficult time, but I do hope you can keep going. I haven't had the greatest year myself, but at least with SW I haven't had the distraction of a starving stomach. I've had a lifetime of diets of all kinds, but I do feel with SW that at last I'm re-training my brain and eating habits, so it's less like 'doing a diet' (which comes to an end) and more like finding a way of life. I head for the wrong stuff myself when things get on top of me - can't beat a jacket spud with plenty of butter and cheese for comfort eating! - but lately have found that plenty of flavour (spicy, or garlic - or both!) can have the same effect. Is there any way you can get to a group for a while? I've found it makes such a difference, the sense of everyone pulling together and sharing the ups and downs. And sometimes it helps to share (even without going into personal detail) outside your immediate family when you're struggling. Keep going! Annie PS you've inspired me to update my own blog!