Wednesday, 14 August 2013

50lbs Down!

Whoopeeeeeeeee! Yeehaw! Hoo-bloody-ray!

I just updated my ticker (in the sidebar thataway -> ) and a 3lb loss today means that my total weight loss has hit 50 whole pounds! That's as much as a small bale of hay, 2 average two year olds, 4 and a half cats or 50 guinea pigs! 50 guinea pigs! I can't imagine carrying any of those things around with me, all day, every day, but at some point I did (and more when I was pregnant). I wont say I'm not struggling at the moment, but it's really motivated me to stay on track and keep seeing that number fall. Hopefully I'll see another loss next week :)


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Overdue update...


I promised to update obviously I suck and I have failed at that! But I haven't failed at losing weight this week! Yesterday saw me losing 3 1/2 lbs, getting my stone and a half award, my 10% award and getting slimmer of the week at my group :) Happy bunny! It also meant that for the first time in my adult life my weight is in the 12 stone band AND under 180lbs at 12 stone 11 1/2lbs (179.5lbs). Reasons to be cheerful... only 2 stone 11 1/2lbs (39.5lbs) to go!


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Well hello again...


Long time no blog! I'm still plodding along with the weight loss, but life has been hectic and blogging is difficult to fit in. But I've had a couple of comments on my Slimming World basics posts, so I thought I'd pop in and up date you.

I rejoined my local Slimming World group after Christmas this year, and have since lost 18 pounds bringing me to my lowest weight since my early teens. And it feels great! I'm wearing a size 14-16 (US 10-12), my confidence is growing and I've even joined the gym. All positive steps in this journey! I would still like to lose another 45ish pounds, but if that takes me another year or two I'm fine with that.

I now weigh in every Wednesday afternoon, and I'm going to try and update here then too. Slimming world really is a great, flexible plan and it's working for me at the moment. If that changes, I'll change it to fit, but at the moment, I'm happy! I'll update my stats page shortly, too.

How are you all getting on?



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