Wednesday, 14 August 2013

50lbs Down!

Whoopeeeeeeeee! Yeehaw! Hoo-bloody-ray!

I just updated my ticker (in the sidebar thataway -> ) and a 3lb loss today means that my total weight loss has hit 50 whole pounds! That's as much as a small bale of hay, 2 average two year olds, 4 and a half cats or 50 guinea pigs! 50 guinea pigs! I can't imagine carrying any of those things around with me, all day, every day, but at some point I did (and more when I was pregnant). I wont say I'm not struggling at the moment, but it's really motivated me to stay on track and keep seeing that number fall. Hopefully I'll see another loss next week :)



  1. WOW! Well done. You must be so proud of yourself, I wish I could just get my head back into the game and see some losses xx

  2. Just found your blog, and have found your plan explanation brilliantly helpful. You have done so well, enjoy getting lovely clothes, and moving on. I've started by myself (for financial reasons) and am also not weighing to begin with, but can feel clothes getting looser already, yet am eating far more, so hoping for success. Blogs like yours are inspirational.

  3. Hi FGS, just to let you know I have read through your blog from when you started the slimming world plan and am now ready to make the change. I have done it before and was a target member 2 years ago. I haven't put all the weight back on but I do wish I had continued going to body image to maintain.
    Tomorrow, 1st November I am restarting. Crazy as it is a Friday and I am hopeless on a weekend! But that is also why I chose it. If I can get through this weekend, then that will give me the inspiration I need to continue!