Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Weekly Update and SCC week 9 review

I nearly didn't write this update. I am about ready to give up, or do something drastic. This week I exercised 5 times, ate within my points every day except for Saturday (which would have been covered by the extra activity points I earned), got 2l of water every day, and had what I consider to be a "good week". So I should be celebrating a loss and giving my halo a polish. But I gained 1 1/2lbs. For no reason. I can't blame my monthly cycle, because I'm right in the middle of it. I'm perfectly healthy, not suffering from a cold or any other ailments. I sweated through a run, two zumba sessions, a pilates session and a legs, bums and tums DVD. I mostly ate clean, not too many carbs, lots of fruit and veg, lean meat and dairy. Over the weekend I had a few biscuits and an extra slice of bread, I refuse to believe a that would make me gain a pound and a half. Plus like I said, on the Weight Watchers system you can earn extra points from activity, and over the week I clocked up more than enough. I can't give up any more of the things I love! I drink mostly water and have almost completely given up caffiene - I used to drink almost 2 litres of diet coke a day, now I have a small 500ml bottle once a week and only allow myself one decaff coffee a day - which I don't even have any milk in. I snack on fruit, veg and rice cakes, instead of crisps, biscuits and bread. I never drink alcohol except special occasions - I've had a drink 3 times this year, whereas I would usually have a bottle of wine in the fridge on the go, and have a glass or two a few times a week. So why am I struggling to much? Why am I gaining weight when I look at what my diet and activity was like before compared to now and it is so different? I am so frustrated, and fed up. Two steps forward and one step back. I could cry.

I met my Spring Chick Challenge goal this week. I wanted to work out 5 times and I did:

Wednesday - rest day
Thursday - 30 minute run
Friday - 50 minute Legs, Bums and Tums DVD
Saturday - 20 mins Zumba + 10 mins Wii Fit
Sunday - 20 mins Zumba + 10 mins Wii Fit
Monday - 50 mins pilates DVD

This week I'll aim for the same if not more - some activity every day, even if it's just 20 minutes Zumba or a walk. This week's challenge is to try a new recipe - which is something I love doing anyway so I'll be sure to blog about it too. I got a new WW mag at my meeting today, so I'll try something from there.

I am so disheartened. I want this so badly, I am trying so hard, I can honestly say that since my birthday I have barely put a foot wrong, but I'm not seeing the results. It's all I think about, but it's making me miserable. I just don't know what to do any more.


  1. I'm so sorry your not seeing the results. It can be so disheartening. Unfortunately our bodies sometimes aren't our friends :( I'm really hoping you see a nice loss next week. If this continues for a couple of weeks then I would start to be concerned but at the moment all I can say is bad bad bad body :( Good luck with next week and keep up the momentum!!

  2. Awhh I hope it all works out for you next week!

  3. Don't give up. If you are doing all those wonderful things the scale WILL follow. Sometimes there is a delay so don't ruin all your hard work. The scales are a lying biatch, so don't give up just because they don't respond straight away. One thing I haver learnt on this journey is your body will fight you tooth and nail to keep that safety net of fat. If you keep fighting back, eventually it will give up. In the mean time, realise that you are feeling better inside, you can do things without such shortness of breath, you can bend over easier, things that used to hurt don't hurt as much because you are healing on the inside. Keep up the hard work and soon you will see the rewards.

  4. I hear ya. We've all been there! You've obviously done so well for so long to have lost 40 pounds already. I'm envious! :) Stick with it and you'll kick the other 51!