Friday, 30 December 2011

Over for another year...

So, Christmas is over for another year. All the hype and then it passes in a heartbeat. All the planning and prep and, for me anyway, it was a bit of an anticlimax. We weren't spending it at home, and my sister in law has very different ideas on making things festive to what I do. Her house wasn't decorated for Christmas; she had one small white Christmas tree minimally decorated with white lights and silver decorations and that was it. There was no food or alcohol overload, in fact I spent the day feeling downright hungry (and by now I am used to that feeling!) and completely sober. Perhaps not a bad thing, but it didn't feel right! Also she is a clean FREAK (polar opposite to me) and the children were barely allowed to play with their toys before they were tidied away and cleaned up, which also resulted in things getting left behind. We weren't even allowed to watch any of the Christmas specials on the television - they were on but with the sound turned down, so even though everyone was talking about what was on the TV, we didn't know what was going on! Very odd! I definitely think we'll have Christmas at home next year in any case! Plus the children were out of their routine and the baby was poorly and grumpy, so I spent the whole holiday with a grumpy snotty toddler attached to my hip, or pushing him around unfamiliar streets on my own. Sorry to whinge, but I am glad it is over! I know we still have New Year celebrations to come, but I have no plans so back on the bandwagon for me.

I have made some awful food choices since my last weigh in on the 20th. We have had several take-away meals, I have eaten way too much bread (something I generally avoid) and not had very much water, preferring diet coke and coffee instead... So now I am 4 days away from weighing in and it's time to limit the damage. I took all the leftover food to my Mum's yesterday and I'm glad it's not hanging around my house anymore. I went for a run on the 28th (and it was HARD) and will be going again tonight, and Monday. In between I will Zumba, and I'm hoping to go for a family walk on New Years Day weather permitting. I might even persuade Mr FGS to take the kids swimming tomorrow, but it will take a lot of arm twisting. If he wont, I may go for a swim on my own, since he is off work until the 3rd.

Food wise, I've started the day by filling my litre water bottle, and will drink nothing else until that is empty. Then if I want a coke or a coffee I will have ONE and then refill the water bottle! I find when I am good with getting enough water it shows in my weight loss. Breakfast in a moment will be porridge made with water and a load of fruit, either soup or cottage cheese and an apple for lunch and something light for dinner. Hopefully this will go some way to minimising the damage I've undoubtedly done! Today will be difficult as Ollie has an appointment at the hearing clinic and we are going into town after to have a look around the shops, which will mean the kids and Mr FGS eating out, but I will go and get something healthy for me to take. And then on New years tomorrow I will share a few glasses of wine with Mr FGS, but cook a healthy meal and be sensible.

As for New years resolutions, I wont be making any. I have some goals in mind instead and I'm going to take some time and write them down today, to order them  in my mind. I've also signed up for Stormy's Spring Chick Challenge, and will post on that soon too!

Onwards and upwards!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the new year and SMASHING IT!



  1. Hope you have a great new year. I am sure you will do great when your back on track with such a positive attitude.

  2. happy new year!

    wow -- that does sounds like an awkward xmas -- sorry it was so!

  3. I'm so with you on the water front - I've noticed that if I'm REALLY drinking what I should be (and otherwise making good choices), I always see good results on the scale.

  4. Sorry your Christmas wasn't really great, I would have wanted that for you. :)

    As for not eating well etc, you seem to have it under control now and that's really the most important thing! We all slip, but getting back on track is key!

    SO glad you're in the challenge with me Helly, we will kick ass! :D