Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tuesday Treat - Looking after the tatas

Yeah it's Wednesday....oops

Apologies to my male followers, this post is one for the ladies! Well, there will be pictures of breasticles (not mine!) so you may want to keep reading...

One thing that doesn't seem to have shrunk like the rest of me are my boobs. When I last did my measurements around a month ago (I will be doing them again some time this week) the only place where I hadn't lost inches was around the bust. Although my back size is now smaller, and they need more support now...boobs are after all mostly just fat. I have always been, ahem, rather busty, and got my first proper bra at the tender age of 9. Yes, 9 ladies and gents, you can thank my Grandmother for that apparently. Before I started this weight loss journey I wore a bra around a 40F-FF, and now, realistically I'm about a 36-38E-F. Why so vague, Helly, I hear you cry. Well, because I desperately need to get the girls measured. I know that ALL of my current bras are the wrong size, the straps slide down, the wires dig in, the clasps are done up as tight as they'll go and things still aren't right. I also need a decent sports bra, as my current combination of normal bra plus super tight compression sports top isn't going to cut it much longer. So, with a boob in each hand (er, wut?) after Chrimbo I'll be marching down to a department store near you (or near me...) and getting these bad boys accounted for. Here are some of the over the shoulder boulder holders I've got my eye on...

Tango by Panache from Bravissimo £20, down from £25, 28-38 DD-H

Limited Edition Padded Spot Bra from Marks and Spencer £16, 30-36 DD-GG, Thong £6 Size 6-18
(Sorry about the teeny pic, click the link to see it better)

Showgirl Tempt Me Bra by Curvy Kate from £18.95 28-38 DD-GG

Tease me Bra by Curvy Kate from £14.20 28-38 DD-GG

Lola Luxe Basque from Bravissimo £50 28-38 DD-K


And a couple of sports bras. Your funbags need support while you're working out, or, in the words of Bangs and a Bun, they'll turn into sandbags. Click the link for an awesome post about sports bras!

Shock Absorber Max Support Level 4 Bra from £30 28-40 D-HH

Max Sports Bra Top by Shock Absorber from Bravissimo £24 down from £30 28-40 D-HH

All of the sites linked to ship internationally, and even better, have sales at the moment :) I can particularly recommend Bravissimo as they're just so helpful. Whenever I've asked them a question about absolutely anything, they've been really prompt with their answer, friendly and I just feel comfortable talking to them about my hooters.

So, will you be treating your tatas this Christmas? After all, they are your breast friends....



  1. "the only place where I hadn't lost inches was around the bust"

    The male population thanks our maker for this glorious miracle :)

  2. OOOO how can you choose between them all? They are all lovely!

    Especially love the Tango by Panache :D

    My sports Bra has become too big for me! I probably need to invest in a new one for the new year!

  3. Over the shoulder boulder holders.....haven't heard that expression in so long (it's not used over here), made me chuckle!
    I think they're all pretty darn cute.......I especially like the Tease Me and the purple one.
    When I've lost a little more I'm going to take a trip to Nordstroms department store....they know how to handle the girls and can set me straight!!!

  4. I'm having the opposite affect. I'm losing mine :( x

  5. Mine have shrunk! I don't mind though, they are still big enough for me! I like the purple one!!