Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Weekly update - Smashing my goals!


And it is indeed a good day as I have succeeded! Whoop! 3lbs off on the scales this morning, bringing me to  a total loss of 37 disgusting pounds of FAT! According to Eggface that's a pound more than a mid sized microwave! Can you imagine carrying around a microwave? Insane!

And the Christmas Cracker challenge, tied into the end of Operation Fit and Fabulous. I smashed this goal too! I had hoped to lose 7lbs between the 9th November and today, and I in fact lost 8 :) Only slight annoyance is that  could have maybe lost a few more if I hadn't slipped and gained for 2 weeks... Never mind! This also means that I got another silver 7 at WW this morning (you get a little sticker for every half stone/7lbs you lose) and including the 7lbs I lost before starting WW I have lost 44lbs. *Insert smug face*

How have you done today? Looking forward to Christmas? I am going to treat myself to a mince pie...



  1. That is wonderful about your loss, great work!!

    When I think of weight I always imagine how many 2lb bags of sugar I would need to carry to equal the weight.

  2. woohoo & congrats on losing a microwave!

    you are doing amazing -- 44lbs is a lot of weight sweetie!

  3. Woohoo....great job.
    Enjoy your mince pie....can't get them over here, probably a good job!