Friday, 29 July 2011

Do you Wii?

(Image from google)
This is exactly how I look when I'm using the wii

Christmas 2009 I got a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit Plus (a bit of a family present) and I'm sorry to say it doesn't get used very often. We're not a big family of gamers. I don't want my boys growing up in front of the telly, I'd rather bake/garden/dance with them. And besides they're too young to play it really (me eldest is 4 in October and the baby just turned one). So the only time I can use it is once they're in bed, and more often than not I'm too exhausted and all I want to do is paint my nails and crash! But, tonight I dusted it off, put new batteries in the balance board and controller and did an hour of exercise! I'm going to try and do it a few times a week and hopefully it will boost my weight loss. I'm also going to buy myself a sports bra...

So, how do you exercise around kids/work/other commitments?


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  1. The only real exercise I do is wii fit. I love it, doing it every day or every other day you really feel the difference.