Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fitting into old jeans :)

Feels good, doesn't it! A few weeks ago I managed to fit into a pair of post-old-weightloss, pre-baby jeans. BUT I had to lay down to do them up and would have burst the button off if I'd had so much as a sip of water. Today I tried them again and they're still tighter than I'd like, but I did them up without too much of a struggle and I can breathe! Long top to disguise the over-hang (ew lol) and I'm feeling very proud of myself! We're going out for the afternoon in a minute and although I know I'll be dying to get them off by the time we get home I'll be wearing my "skinny jeans" with pride! Now I can't wait for the day they're too big and I get the next size down :)

It's the small things you have to relish when you're on a big weight loss journey like I am and I'm going to take every single small thing I can get!


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