Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Weigh in day!

...and I wake up dreaming of croissants and scones...

Yesterday I only had 9 points (or thereabouts) all day. For breakfast I had fruit and yogurt (1PP) lunch was soup and Weight Watchers crackers (1PP) dinner was chicken and mango salad (4PP) and I also had 2 custard cream biscuits (3PP). I kept myself busy moving furniture around and actually didn't feel that hungry. In the evening after settling the kids in their new room I did a 20 minute Wii Zumba routine, had a nice bath and painted my nails, then had some pineapple as a snack, so I wasn't tempted to pick at unhealthy things. Usually evenings are my danger time and I can quite happily eat and eat, so finding something else to do instead of sit on the laptop with a pack of crisps at my side is the key I think.

So hopefully the scales will be in my favor this morning. I had a bad week for picking last week but hopefully counter balanced that yesterday and over the weekend. It would be nice to at least maintain my weight and any loss will be a bonus.

Wish me luck!


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