Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tuesday Treat!


It feels much later in the week than only Tuesday, I think it's because the OH has been off work so every day blends into the next and the weekend was no different to the rest of the week! Not good for the diet...

Anyway, on to this week's Tuesday treat! You can see the link in the sidebar to my other blog, Nail Newbie which gives you a clue to my other obsession! I paint my nails 3 or 4 times a week and have collected about 150 nail polishes (don't tell the OH). It actually helps with the weight loss, as instead of picking at snacks in the evening I paint my nails and that way I can't eat without ruining them! Or that's my excuse anyway...

Anyway, as a real treat a few weeks ago I ordered this polish from American brand O.P.I on ebay. O.P.I polishes are hard to come by in shops here (I think some department stores and salons might sell them) and the new collection retail usually for around £10 a bottle. But by being a bit savvy and shopping around on places like ebay, amazon and discount cosmetic websites you can pick them up for around half that. This polish is from a brand new collection by O.P.I called Nice Stems, which contains 3 other pink polishes and this one, I Lily Love You, which is meant to layer over the others to create different looks. I have a LOT of pink polishes, so I just added I Lily Love You to my vast collection.

How pretty?

A nail polish is a fab non-food treat or pick-me-up, especially for an addict like me!

What will you be treating yourself to?


PS if you want to see pictures of this polish in action, so to speak, check out my blog tomorrow!

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