Monday, 22 August 2011

Fruit and yogurt

My current breakfast of choice! This morning I had a kiwi, some black berries and a nectarine chopped and topped with a weight watchers layered fromage frais (1PP). You can also blend it all together and have it as a smoothie instead. It's a good breakfast, if I was doing anything terribly strenuous today I'd be hungry again pretty soon but I've got my sons bedroom to sort out so that'll keep my mind off food! And as I've been so bad this week today I'm eating as little "pointed" food as I can and instead filling up on free fruit and veg. I've made a huge pot of veg soup (with no points) and everytime I feel a bit peckish I'm going to have a mug of that, plus a chicken breast and salad for dinner. No carbs! Hopefully I wont just bloat up and weigh a ton on the scales tomorrow...

I'll post my soup recipe later!


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