Friday, 16 September 2011


I love a biscuit me. In fact I love two or three...or four or five... You get the picture. At the moment I am running a play group while my friend is on holiday and the biscuit tin tempted me this morning, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of the biscuits I had was only 1 ProPoint, whereas I had assumed most of them were about 2 PP each. I feel 2 PP on a biscuit is a bit of a waste because, well, two mouthfulls and they're gone, whereas the cereal bars you can buy in group are 2 PP and are much more satisfying. Not to dunk in a cuppa though. So I've been looking through the ProPoint values of some biscuits and thought I'd make a note of which are good choices to make, whether you follow the Weight Watchers Pro Points plan or not :) Enjoy!

Pro Point values are per biscuit, unless otherwise stated
Rich Tea (1PP)
Nice (1PP)
Lincoln (1PP)
Fruit Shortcake (1PP)
Morning Coffee (1PP)
Malted Milk (1PP)
Jaffa Cake (1PP)
Ginger Nut (1PP) - some varieties, you might want to check brands individually
Oreos (1PP) - was very surprised at this one!
Fox's Lemon Crunch (1PP)
Party Rings (1PP)
Lotus Original Caramelised Biscuit (1PP)

Some things to watch out for:
Don't fall into the trap of buying a low fat biscuit thinking they will have a lower Pro Points value. Digestives and rich tea biscuits have the same Pro Points in their reduced fat varieties as the regular ones. Of course, low fat is a good option anyway, even if the PP are the same.
Remember that sometimes a single serving of something may be one pro point, but if you have two the Pro Points go up to three. Worth double checking if you plan on having more than a couple!

Happy dunking!


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