Thursday, 22 September 2011

Operation Fit and Fabulous!

I've not been blogging for a huge amount of time, but in the last few months it has really opened my eyes to a new world of friends and opportunities. I started my nail blog back in March as a way to document my growing obsession with nail polish and to talk to like minded people, and then this blog more recently to help keep my weight loss on track and share my success (hopefully). In that time I've met some lovely bloggers, won giveaways, been complimented and made people smile, which makes my day! I love it when I get a positive comment or a lovely twitter message. I really don't know how many other blogs I am following now (is there a way on Blogger to see? I'll have to explore) but one of them is the lovely Beach Bum Beauty and recently she gave her readers the opportunity to join her with Operation Fit and Fabulous!

I was hesitant at first, but sent her an email with a bit about me and she welcomed me with open arms! Every week, Jayne will set us missions aimed to make us feel Fit and Fabulous and good from the inside and out. It's not just about weight loss or fitness, but also how we feel about ourselves and ways to make us more positive, something which I'm not always very good at. This week's missions are apparently small basic ones. What have I let myself in for?!

1) Drink 2 litres of water every day - This is hard! I've been sloshing around making sure I'm not too far away from the toilet all day! TMI? Sorry...
2) Body brush every morning before you have a shower/bath – I don't have a body brush yet, but when I do I'll be brushing religiously!
3) Get enough sleep – 7 hours is usually enough for me. I know 8 is the ideal, but what I get is usually around 6 so by aiming for 7 I'm hitting middle ground. Of course this all depends on what time the baby gets up... Also, it should be quality sleep too, and mine is often disturbed by little people/funny dreams/snoring men so maybe I need to invest in some earplugs. Think I will be woken up by several trips to the loo tonight too after all that water!
4) Be kind to yourself – I don’t think I'm that hard on myself, if I miss an exercise session or don't get something done that I wanted to it doesn't really bother me. But what does happen instead is that I end up chasing my tail around to get those things done and end up with no time for me, which is going to have to change if I'm to get the next mission done...
5) Exercise at least 3 times a week for an hour – I have been better at exercising lately, and last week I did Zumba 5 nights out of 7. But I need variety in there, and getting a whole hour at a time is a challenge too. Yesterday I walked 3k in a hour, and today I did a sort of walk/run hybrid (walk 5 mins, run for 1, wipe DS1's nose, feed DS2 a breadstick, repeat) for 4.5k, so I already have 2 out of the three hours under my belt! My other half starts a new job on Monday though, and having him at home is the only reason I managed that. However, I am going to buy myself some new running shoes and try to do my patented hybrid (without the nose wiping etc) a couple of evenings a week in the hopes I can eventually run more and walk less. And I'm going to carry on with Zumba (I like it even if I do look like a plonker) and also swim more. I will crack this!
So far this week, I'm enjoying it. It feels good to be taking control of this in more ways than just with my diet. Also, it's really helping having a little Operation Fit and Fab family to lean on for support. All the OFAF ladies are lovely, and you can see our profiles here or search the hashtag #operationfitandfabulous on Twitter to see how we're getting on.
Wish me luck! *sloshes off to the loo*

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