Saturday, 5 November 2011

C25K Week 2

Today I did the week 2 day 1 run from the Couch to 5k plan, and it felt good! I took slightly longer doing week one due to my ear infection, so was wondering whether I should repeat week 1 for another day but I'm glad I went onto week two. Last week I ran on Wednesday, Saturday and then Wednesday again (it should have been Monday) and on Wednesday's run I felt like I could run for longer than the 60 seconds if I wanted to. So today instead of 60 second runs and then 90 second walks I did 90 second runs and 2 minute walks with no problem! Yay me :) There were 6 intervals over the 20 minute running time, and the first 3 were fine. The fourth was the hardest as by the time I got to that part in my circuit it's slightly uphill and but by the 5th and 6th I'd recovered again.

I was worried about going out tonight, since it's Guy Fawkes night and I thought there would be lots of people going to bonfire parties out and about (since I nearly knocked a child over in week one I'm nervous of other people on the pavement!) but it was actually quieter than usual. There weren't even any leery boys smoking outside the pub. I got to run through the cold smoky air and watch firework displays as I did. Maybe I'll learn to love this running malarky, who'da thunk it?

Feeling positive in general this week, I've worked hard and eaten will so hoping for a good loss on Tuesday - we shall see! Thank you for your lovely comments :)

Feeling snacky now, so as soon as I hit 'publish' I'm going to bed to avoid temptation!



  1. Good job on the running, keep it up.

  2. Good job! I'm actually about to go to the gym and do the Week 2 day 1 myself! :D