Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Measuring the flab...

I took my measurements on 27th September and saved them in the tracker section of the Weight Watchers website, but when I looked the other day I didn't think it'd saved and got really annoyed. Turns out I was just being retarded and not working it properly, so I just took my measurements again and can compare! The biggest difference, apparently, is in my upper arm (the much hated bingo wings) when I've lost 7.5cm, or 3 inches! That's a huge difference!

I was told that if you've felt like you have had a good week, but it hasn't shown on the scales it will be showing in your measurements instead, so now I'm glad I have these as a reference point. I'll check once a month and post any changes with my monthly picture...if I'm brave enough!

Measurements 22 Nov 2011 (Previous 27th Sept 2011)

Waist 104cm (Previous 110cm)
Hips 122cm (Previous 126cm)
Thighs 63cm (Previous 67cm)
Arms 36.5cm (Previous 44cm)
Bust 116cm (Previous 116cm HAHA!)
Dress size 16-18 (USA 12-14)

So yeah, the tatas haven't changed at all! Bahah! I've always been pretty well endowed in that area so it doesn't really surprise me. Of course, it could just be that I'm wearing a different bra today, or hormones etc, as I definitely feel that my breasticles aren't as big as they used to be!

The place I've noticed it most is in my legs. Boots that wouldn't do up all the way are now loose around the calves, and I was considering buying a short skirt the other day (soon came to my senses, don't worry). My stomach is still my main annoyance though, go away jelly belly!

And, the picture...the top I'm wearing is too big now, and I'm wearing heels which makes my legs look slimmer so bear that in mind...

My tiny 5'2" (Bad phone camera is bad, sorry!)

Yeah, so that's me now. Check here for how I was back in April...can you see the difference?



  1. omgosh girl -- MAJOR difference ya hottiepants!

    rockin it & sexi-fying the blogosphere!

  2. Holy cow what a difference! I'm gobsmacked!

    You - are - amazing!