Saturday, 19 November 2011

Feeling the cold

The weather has turned, and although here in the UK we've had a very mild November so far, it's really rather chilly! I've never been one to be bothered by cold weather, I grew up in a very drafty flat with very little heating apart from two gas fires, but this winter I'm really feeling it. Not just a little, but bl**dy freezing! Chilled right to the bone cold, and I can't warm up. I'm trying to have the central heating on as little as possible, especially during the day, so you'll quite often find me huddled up under a blanket, wearing warm socks, fluffy slippers, and two jumpers, and once I've put my scarf on to take my eldest to school in the morning, it doesn't come off for the day! I wont leave the house without my gloves on and my coat buttoned all the way up, and I'm going to need some gloves for running very soon too. I've even been wearing socks to bed, which I never ever usually do. Sexy, right?!

So, is this constant coldness to do with my weight loss? I have over 30lbs less fat to keep me warm I guess! Often, weight loss surgery patients who lose weight very quickly find that they suddenly get very cold. I haven't got my layer of fat to keep me warm anymore! Seeing as I've only lost a third of what I want to lose altogether, it seems like next winter is going to be even colder...

After a quick bit of research it seems that this is a common problem. If course, fat is insulating (when I was pregnant at the height of summer 2010 I remember feeling like I was literally cooking), and also having a full stomach makes you warmer too. But feeling cold can also be a sign of low metabolism, anaemia and lack of zinc. So, if, like me, you're feeling the cold, make sure you are eating enough and exercising to stabilise your metabolism, and eat a balanced diet, with supplements if necessary. Exercise will warm you up, and burn calories at the same time, bonus!

Now, where did I put those long johns....



  1. awesome post -- so true! i am definitely feeling the chill a bit more this november then the past few!

    time to up the workouts & zinc!

    happy weekend!

  2. I definitely think it's because of the loss, I mean it makes sense. I can also inform you that in the army here in Norway, on winter practices outside etc.. the guys are encouraged to poop as often as possible, because our body uses "heat energy" to hold that warm... ehhh... so when you go, your body temp goes up.

    Okay, waaay tmi. :D