Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tuesday treat - Yours Clothing Wishlist

All my adult life I have worn plus-size clothes, so it's not fair that I only discovered Yours Clothing about a year ago, and soon I wont need them at all! But seriously, I always struggled finding affordable clothes that fitted, were fashionable and looked good. I would buy anything that fitted if I could afford it, which often meant I would wear things too big, too long or plain frumpy and awful. A google search for "cheap plus size clothes" about this time last year put me on Your's doorstep and I have to spread the word! Sick of paying over the odds for plus size clothes that you don't even like? Give them a look. My first order from them was just for a t-shirt and a pair of leggings, but since then I've had jeans, a coat, cropped trousers, accessories, swimwear and even shapewear (my Briget Jones pants, we all have them!) from them, and never returned a thing. They also have stores and the little Milton Keynes store is the first shop I head for when I need something. Their jeans come in different leg lengths (a must when you're 5 foot nothing like me) and are so comfortable, and they often have great sales and promotions. As I said, I'm now just about a size 16, so I can get clothes in regular shops (yay!), but I'll always still check out Yours for their value and comfort. They start at a UK 14 and go right to a 32 (US 10/12-28/30 I think), and they ship internationally, so give them a try!

I put together a quick peek at some things I'm lusting over from their website. If I don't find the boots under the Christmas tree, Mr F-G-S,  there will be trouble!

Anything catch your eye? Where's your favourite place to buy clothes?



  1. Will have to check it out. Over here we have a couple of go to stores for Plus Sizes.....Anenue and Lane Bryant. Hopefully I won't need to visit them too much longer!!

  2. Oh wow, what a ton of great stuff they have! I just ordered a top for Christmas, and that's a load off my mind! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Great tip! Definetly going to order something. As fatoutofskinny said, hopefully we won't have to use these stores too much longer :)