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Tuesday Treat! Lush goodies review

Hi! Tuesday treat on a Wednesday for you!

As part of Operation Fit and Fabulous I was sent some Lush goodies to review. I'm a huge Lush lover and love their bath bombs and bubble bars as an affordable treat every now and then. Even my boys love an Ickle Baby Bot bath fizzer, and Ollie always asks for a robot when we pass the shop. So you can imagine my delight when a package of three new products to try was handed to me by the postman last Tuesday.

The three things I was sent were a Phoenix Rising bath ballistic, a Rose Jam Bubbleroon and a Friends with Benefits massage bar.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon - £3.50 each

The first thing I chose to try out was the bubbleroon. Up until recently I've stuck to bath ballistics on my trips to Lush, but I got given a bubble bar for my birthday this year and haven't looked back! You crumble them under running water for an amazing bubbly bath that smells divine. Lush describes Bubbleroons as macaroon inspired bubble bars with a shea butter and coconut oil base and a coconut oil cream centre. Unfortunately mine arrived crumbly but it didn't matter as you crumble them into the water anyway, and if you were clever you could save half for another time ;)

I not usually a huge fan of rose or floral smells, but this wasn't overpowering at all, and actually made me feel really girly sitting there in a pink bath surrounded by 11tybillion bubbles smelling of roses!

I wouldn't say my skin felt overly moisturised, but it was by no means dry at all, unlike some bubble baths I've never found a Lush bubble bar drying on the skin.

Friends with Benefits massage bar - £6.50 for 65g
Getting a massage from my other half is about as likely as George Clooney landing his helicopter in my street, knocking on my door with a rose between his teeth, whisking me off to a 5 star Parisian hotel and having his wicked way with me, and then feeding me deep fried Mars bars in the morning. Ok, so that's an overly long analogy, but you get the picture! So, I had to resort to using the massage bar on myself.

Lush say it is a sexy massage bar with a chocolate orange scent for enjoying with your very best friends. The smell of tagetes, the essential oil from African marigolds, has notes of chocolate to it.  So here we blended it in a fragrance with cooca absolute, then put that in our lovely fair trade organic cocoa butter, which has its own strong chocolate notes too. 

The result is a massage bar with benefits: cocoa butter and shea butters to give your body a moisturised glow, tagetes to help sore, red or damaged skin and a posh chocolate fragrance that leaves you smelling irresistible to everyone around you. All you have to do is reap the rewards. 

The scent to me reminds me of those yoghurt coated raisins you get - sort of creamy but with a definite sharpness to it. I started by rubbing the bars on my thighs and as the bar warmed up it melted and glided over my skin, leaving a film of shea butter. It wasn't sticky at all but would be too much for everyday moisturising
- although perfect for it's intended use if your partner is more amenable than mine! I rubbed in the residue and my skin was left soft and hydrated, and I can (only) imagine how nice it would be when used for a proper massage.

Phoenix Rising Bath Ballistic - £2.95 for 100g

Bath Ballistics are my favourite of all the Lush goodies, my favourites being Mrs Whippy, Honey Bee, Butterball and Vanilla Fountain - if you know Lush you'll know these are all quite similar, creamy, vanillary scented bath bombs. So Phoenix Rising was quite different for me, as Lush says he'll release gentle shea butter, cocoa butter and jojoba oil to leave your skin feather soft, and exotic essential oils of fruit and spices, which take your mind on a flight of fancy to distant shores where you are lying on a beach drinking spiced rum. I'm not usually a fan of spiced scents, but this is a very delicate spiciness, and it's so pretty! The outside of the bomb is a lovely purple colour, with gold lustre sparkles which float around in the bath making it look all potion like and mystical. Then when you get to the middle of the bathbomb it turns green, which turns the vivid purple murkier and somehow even more mythical. Every now and then the piece of cinnamon bark that was on top of the bomb emerges from the depths and it will be great for cold days when you need warming up! My only complaint was the colour it turned my bath afterwards...but I can live with that!

Overall, I would completely recommend these products, or any Lush goodies, to anyone who'll listen to me rambling on about them. My favourite was the Bubbleroon, and I'll be checking out the other "flavours" Green, and Yuzu & Cocoa next time I get to a Lush store. Go for Phoenix Rising if you're a fan of spice, or if you're not and want something different. The massage bar wasn't for me, at least until I trade the old man in for a newer model, but if your better half is more willing definitely give it a go. You can buy these online at now and in Lush stores from 15th October.

How will you be treating yourself this week?


PR sample provided for review. Opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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