Wednesday, 18 January 2012

This week's menu plan...


I've managed a menu plan again, but am doing it a little different this week. I decided that planning my snacks wasn't working - I rarely ate what I had planned and swapped the planned things for other days when I wanted them, so instead I have left the snack area blank and just written how many points I have left for the day after my main meals have been taken into consideration. On some of the days I've left more points for snacks than I have included for meals! But, in reality, it probably wont work out like that, and I'm not intending to use all my points every day. Once again, if there are any specific recipes you'd like to see please ask!

I have had to repeat meals and lunches more this week, for reasons I'll go into in a later post, but I don't mind and it means less cooking!

For snacks, as well as fresh fruit and veg and a huge batch of 0pp veg soup and fruit smoothies I will have the following options available:

WW rich toffee bar 2         Ryvita 1
WW crisps 2                     60g cottage cheese 1
150g lf plain yogurt 2         Tbsp lf hummus 2
Rich tea biscuit 1               Boiled egg 2
6 mini breadsticks 1           Cooked veggie sausage 2

I struggle for snack ideas, so if you have any suggestions please share! I am a big snacker and while I know I shouldn't be reaching for the crisps I can't help it! But as long as my choices are measured and accounted for, I'm not too worried. I'm trying to include more protein in my choices too.

Have you planned this week? I found it really helpful last week, knowing what to have and when, and it helped me spend less too.



  1. I think this is a great plan! I had planned mine originally, but so many things have changed I'm pushing the plan over to next week. Sometimes life just gets in the way you know. :)

  2. Crisps was my last remaining snack.. but I was reaching for them too often. My snacks now are mostly fruit. Sometimes a fiber bar. In the evening I started mixing a 70-80 calorie yoghurt with 2 servings of strawberries. Under 200 calories and very yummy and filing.

  3. My snacks are mainly fruit and I make sure I keep them in front of me which usually forces me to reach for them rather than crisps or other unhealthy options. Also I like to buy hummus and dip carrots/cucumber in that if I get bored of fruit.

  4. Helly, how are you doing? Missing an update from youuuu! :D

  5. My snacks are fruit & veg too: i.e grapes, carrots, celery, bananas and apples.