Saturday, 28 January 2012

Unexpected Motivation

I haven't been running in a long while. I think the last time I went was sometime in the week between Christmas and New Year and work schedules, the weather and lame excuses have prevented me from going since. I say lame excuses because they are just that, lame. I have a new phone which runs on Windows 7 instead of Android and the Couch to 5k app wasn't available. I could have just used my old phone which Mr FGS is now using though... And now that a free Couch to 5k app for Windows phones is available I haven't had the time to sort out my running playlist on my new phone, and I can't run without music. Lame right? Anyway, I went out last night for a girly meal and a boogie with some friends who are also doing Weight Watchers and a particular song came on that I always run to. A friend and I both jumped up and said at the same time "I always run to this!" before shaking our thang like drunken idiots...

So, while I was there, throwing some shapes, I realised how much I miss running. It always seems like such an effort to wrestle myself into my sports bra, put on my trainers and go out in the cold and dark and run, but once I'm out there I enjoy it, and I feel good when I get back. Just hearing that song again has motivated me to get back into running. Tomorrow though, running with a hangover probably isn't a good idea...

I had gotten up to week 5 on Couch to 5K, but I am going to go back to week 3 and see how I get on. Maybe I can go straight back to week 4 or 5, maybe I'll have to start again, we'll see. But as long as I'm pounding the pavements with my favourite songs in my ears, I don't think I'll care :)

Moo-oo-ooo-oo-ooo-ooo-oo-ooo-oooves like Jagger!

In case anyone's interested, I updated the measurements in my "Stats" page (click the tab along the top). I'm only 2 1/2 lbs lighter now than when I last did it, but a few cm have been shed from my waist, arms and bust. I said I would post a pic once a month, and it has been a little longer than that, but here's a pic of me all dolled up last night.

Cheeky chops had to get in the picture!

6 months ago I wouldn't have dreamed of even trying to get my fat legs into calf high boots, let alone over the knee ones.  AND I spent the night pulling them up as they kept slipping down. Small NSV there, I think, in just having the confidence to try them, and then actually wear them out!

I had a GREAT night last night. This morning I have no voice, the nail polish rubbed off my big toes from dancing so much, my handbag reeks of vodka, we ended up in a gay bar and I dropped my phone in the toilet at 4am when I got home. I think all in all that adds up to a success!

Have you ever had any unexpected motivation?



  1. Hello, pretty lady. You look lovely. Your boots are sexy.

    I love Moves Like Jagger, always makes me want to dance.

    I need music to work out to as well, the beat keeps me going, I push myself harder through faster bits in songs.


  2. Helly you look absolutely gorgeous :D I think Moves like Jagger is really popular. It's played ta my Zumba class all the time. Really gets you into the motivated mood when you hear it!

  3. You look absolutely fantastic Helly! So happy for you! And that little one ... so cute! :D

  4. You look great! Glad you found some unexpected motivation..certain songs at random times can trigger that for me as well. Good luck starting back up the C25K!

  5. woohoo sexy mama rockin' those boots!!!
    and what a cutie-patootie photo bombing!

    you are doing fabulously!