Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Weekly Weigh in and SCC Update

Morning lovelies

This week, by some kind of miracle, I lost 1 1/2lbs meaning I am only 1/2lb more than I was before Christmas. I say by some kind of miracle because it really hasn't been a good week. It's been quite stressful, I have made poor choices food wise, done no exercise and had no motivation what so ever. All this has lead me to eat very little over the last two days in an effort to undo the damage. Not the right way to do things and lesson learned.

Previous weigh in: 13st 11 (193lbs)
Current weight: 13st 9 1/2 (191 1/2lbs)
+/-?: -1 1/2

This weeks Spring Chick Challenge mini goal was to eat no sweets. And I failed. In a usual week it wouldn't bother me, and to be honest I managed on most days to avoid them. My downfall has been cookies this week, I need to find a recipe for some diet-friendly cookies.

I've done ok with my water though, and am finding it easier and easier to get 2l in a day. I've barely had any diet coke and restricted coffee to one a day (or less) and I'm not missing it any more.

This weeks mini challenge is to find a new exercise, and this is something I need to do anyway. I'm bored with Zumba and it doesn't "fit" at the moment because of home circumstances. I am going to try and get a swim in this week - perhaps with a run to the leisure centre. The weather hasn't been very conductive for running at the moment either, so my exercise routine needs a shake up. Any (cost free) suggestions gratefully received!

My own goals for this week:

Lose at least 1lb so that I enter my 30s at my lowest weight ever (it is my 30th birthday next Wednesday eeek).
3 workouts at least, including a swim and something new.
Cheer the eff up!

How did you do? What exercise will you be trying?



  1. Oh I know this one. I have barely moved on the scale in the past month. Up 3lbs, down 3lbs. Down 2lbs stay the same. Agh! :)

    On the plus side, the worst month of the year is almost over. Let's all have a great February. x

  2. I am on kind of a funk too. I have had a cold for two weeks and it's messing with my workout mojo. We can do this. Happy early birthday.

  3. I am glad u r down... no matter how it happens. I know you can make another 1# this week. Welcome to the 30s. I just left them in November. I did ok.... I am going to try hula hooping this week. Pics to come!

  4. Great goals! Finding a new excercise might help you feel more motivated. Good luck :).

  5. How good that you lost despite of having a bad week. Maybe then it wasn't so bad after all? Look forward, we can totally do this together Helly :)