Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Weekly Weigh In and SCC Update!

Evening all

Well, after a week of actually doing it properly (sticking to 29 ProPoints a day, tracking every morsel, exercising most days, weighing and measuring portion sizes, drinking 2-3l of water a day, generally feeling miserable...you get the picture) I lost a grand total of....half a pound. To say I am disappointed is an understatement, although I kind of knew I hadn't achieved a big loss. I could feel it. I have followed my WW plan to the letter this week, no cheating. Exercised every single day. Resisted the cravings. No bueno. But I am confident that if I keep going it will show on the scale eventually...it has to.

Spring Chick Challenge update-

Last weeks goals:

  • TRACK. Yep.
  • Menu plan. Yep.
  • Exercise. Yep.
  • Support. Haven't done as much as I could - need to find a way to categorise the blogs I follow - anyone know if there is a way to do this?
  • Blog. Yep.
The mini challenge was to eat with your non-dominant hand and I failed! I just kept forgetting, and the one meal I did remember for I made such a huge mess LOL. Definitely food for thought though.

This weeks goals:
  • TRACK. Everything. Again.
  • Menu plan. Already done, just need to finalise. And stick to it!
  • Exercise .As much as possible. Twice a day if I can.
  • DON'T eat the kids leftovers! Put it all IN THE BIN.
  • Support. Read all the challengers blogs as much as I can.
  • Blog.
This week's mini challenge is NO SWEETS! I am a sweetie addict but don't eat too many at the moment (apart from the odd few I nick from the kids...shhh....). I am allowing myself one Weight Watchers chocolate bar (2PP value) per day if I want it, but other than that no sweets for the week.

I hope every one is well and that you had better results than I did! I'll try and catch up on all your blogs soon.



  1. Unfortunately it takes time to gain weight and it takes time to lose it. Both things are the reflection of a lifestyle. If you keep to your healthy eating and exercising plans you'll get there. Any loss is a good loss and those are great goals. Keep on meeting them and you'll keep on seeing results. xx

    - DS

  2. Sorry you did get a big loss..but you stuck to the plan. And that is huge victory. Here's to great week !!

  3. Sorry you didn't get a big loss but if you're exercising it could be that you're building muscle as well. I'm a big fan of measuring for this very reason. Don't get discouraged!

    If you read your blogs in Google Reader you can create folders and put everything into different categories. It's saved me a tremendous amount of time.

  4. At least you didn't gain anything. Maybe your body just needed a rest, you lost 37 pounds that's a lot!!You've been doing a great job!


  5. Hang in there, you're doing the right things and the scale will eventually catch up. Also - what Jennifer said. That's the way I do it, I don't know of any other way to categorize blogs, I read everything in google reader because it's the easiest way to organize things.

  6. Yes sometimes the body doesn't want to cooperate, but hang in there.

  7. you WILL see it next weigh-in -- this same thing happens to me ALL the time & it always pans out! hang in there!

  8. I don't want to sound repetitive but sometimes your body does weird ass things! Trust me, mine has me going crazy!

    Stick in there and see if you can beat your targets. Focus on things other than your weigh in. Perhaps now is the time to try something new? Swimming? Horse Riding is fun?

    Good Luck

  9. I'm so glad you're not giving up. It happens even if we're really good sometimes.. that we don't get rewarded. But we will eventually!