Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Daily Food Plan Tuesday 7th August 2012

Yesterday's food went well. I stuck to the plan of what I was eating and only had 6 1/2 syns - 3 on cheese in the morning, 1/2 on a splash of milk in tea in the afternoon and another three on cheese in the evening (since when I weighed out my 42g of healthy extra cheese there was a teeny bit left, so as I had enough syns left I had it too). I did get some cravings for sweet stuff (eg chocolate) in the afternoon, but I didn't cave. Water was good too, and I had at least 2 litres. A good start, I hope I can carry on!

Today's food:

Soft boiled eggs and wholemeal soldiers (healthy 'b' choice) with marmite, fruit and yoghurt

Jacket potato with left over turkey bolognaise, 42g reducaed fat cheddar (healthy 'a' choice)

Oriental soy and garlic chicken (seasoning mix 1 syn), stir fried vegetables (no oil), noodles

Fruit (bananas, nectarines, apples and grapes in the fruit bowl), carrot sticks, cottage cheese, boiled egg, syn free hummus if I get around to making it... natural yoghurt, 1 pack of cheese curls if I absolutely must! 4 1/2 syns.

Water, water, water! Diet coke, black tea and coffee or with a splash of milk (1/2 a syn)

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