Monday, 13 August 2012

Yesterday's food... Sunday 12 August 2012

Ooops, didn't post this yesterday! Sunday is usually the day I get a little lie in and Mr FGS and the kids let me sleep in to 9.30. Not exactly a great lie in but I'll take it! Anyway as soon as I was up they wanted to go to the park so I didn't get breakfast, and paid for it the rest of the day as I was starving an hour after lunch.

Nothing! Bad Helly

WM pitta bread (HEb), boiled egg, peppers, 1tbsp extra light mayo (1/2 syn), hummus and carrot sticks

Chicken curry (1/2 syn), rice, brocolli

Mug shot, fruit, wm toast x2 (6 syns), 60g kerry low low cheese spread

Am going to weigh myself in a minute, so I'll update soon - feeling kinda nervous!


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