Thursday, 9 August 2012

Who you callin' chicken?

So, although I have recommitted myself to eating well and losing weight, I haven't committed myself to any form of exercise yet. My running shoes are buried under my children's wellies and sandals (British weather ftw), I have no idea where my sports bra is and my Zumba DVD is gathering dust. I do want to pick up some exercise again, I just have to fit it in and commit to it.

I have problems committing to exercise because when you have two children and no childcare (my family live 60+ miles away and the eldest is off school until September), and a partner who works irregular hours and sometimes has to travel a lot, getting an hour to myself to go for a run 3 times a week doesn't always happen.

Today, a leaflet came through my door, advertising a new local Zumba class. I like Zumba, I'm not too bad at it (ie I only occasionally trip over my own feet and look like an elephant having a fit) and I enjoy it. The class is at a really convenient location for me, just down the road at a building I work in occasionally and you don't have to pre-book the class or pay up front for a course. And it's only £4 a session, which is affordable. The timing is slightly awkward, as it's around the time my other half gets home (so I would have to leg it down the road) and then he'd have to put the kids to bed. But I deserve an hour to myself right?

The problem is, I am just not brave enough. I really really want to go to this class, I really think I'd benefit from it. But it would mean walking into a room full of people I don't know, who probably know each other, are most likely fitter than me, wont sweat as much as me or even occasionally look like an elephant having a fit. And that scares the proverbial out of me.

Am I being silly? Should I man up and get on with it? I've never been good with new situations like that. I have my little bubble and I'm perfectly happy in it, thank you. But it's holding me back. There is also a new running group in my town that I wanted to go along to, but I can't bring myself to do it. I'm just worried about what people will think of me, or that they'll think I'm weird. Why does that even bother me?

I just don't know what to do. I know I'll probably chicken out, or find an excuse not to go along next Tuesday. But there's a little part of me that wants to go. Ok, a big part, I don't think I have any little parts, teehee!

What do you think? Are you the same?



  1. I've been the same, I wouldn't go to classes on my own but then I plucked up the courage and did and I don't know why I was so worried in the first place.

    We think people are looking at us when we're in classes or in the gym but they're really not, they're too focused on their own work outs.

    This is your life and your body and only you can do it. Don't let anyone or anything hold you back especially yourself.

    I think it'd be good for you to have some time away from the hubby and the kids and yes you deserve to have some time for yourself!

    Why not try and do active things with the kids? Especially on the weekends when you maybe have more time? Take them to the park (when the British weather will allow it) and kick a ball around or play catch. Go swimming? Go for a family bike ride? Then you're spending quality time with your family but getting some exercise in.

    Me and my bf are trying to be more active together. We went for a bike ride together the other night. We were running together but then the rain started and my ankle injury kicked in. We should be going for a bike ride tonight.

    You can do this. You just need to find an exercise you love and that you'll stick to. Mine are horse riding and Pilates. You'll find yours. Don't worry. You can do this.

    1. I do all those things already Nikki, we go to the park (almost daily at the moment), I take them swimming and out on their scooters and do silly things like building dens and have races in the garden, but it all has to be at their pace and at only 2 and four they only have little legs! It will be easier once the eldest is at school full time in September, which isn't too far away now, eek!

  2. Hiya, just started reading your blog - well, started with the nail one as thats my recent passion :) and nearly all the blogs I read are foreign. Anyway, I think you should go for it - believe me, noone will be judging you and everyone is there for the same reason. Yes, you do deserve an hour for yourself and if its fun and doing you good, so much the better!
    I am contemplating going back to Slimming world or weight watchers after putting back what I lost. Why is it so hard??? Good luck! Maria

    1. It is hard Maria! But we're strong, we can do it! Thank you for your kind words, and thanks for following x